2018 SLLUG Activities Plan

Our plan is to hold monthly “talking” events. Those will come in two forms: either,

  1. a round-table discussion where people jabber at each other about a topic where a lot of people know a lot about it (eg- “What is FLOSS?”), or nobody knows anything about it (eg- “What is Machine Learning?”); or,
  2. a panel discussion led by a few key people that work professionally with technologies (eg- “What’s the state of the art in FLOSS storage techniques?”)

First six talking events, held on the 3rd Monday of the month, starting in January, include:

  1. Round Table on “What is FLOSS?”
  2. Panel Discussion on Desktop and Server OSes
  3. Panel Discussion on Virtualization and Storage
  4. Panel Discussion on Networking and Security
  5. Panel Discussion Multimedia Creation and Consumption
  6. Round Table on Linux Distributions (ie- The First Crusade)

In addition, we’ll be running two larger events (ie- several hours on a Saturday), within those first six months.

  1. Sometime in February, we’re going to do a basic “Year of the Linux Desktop” InstallFest.
  2. Sometime in May/June, we’re going to do a LAMP Stack InstallFest.

InstallFests are not designed as a “Here’s the instructions, follow along with the teacher” kind of event, but rather as a “Here’s the goal. You guys wanna install Arch? Go over to that section of the room. You guys want to install Debian? That corner. You don’t know what you want to do? Come over to the Mint/Ubuntu/Hannah-Montana corner.”

Ideally leading to groups of 3-5 people doing a similar thing, within feet of each other, so that they can learn from each other.

We will need volunteers for those panel discussions (ie- to be on the panel of experts).

We will also need volunteers for the two InstallFests, including people willing to organize:

  1. a Venue,
  2. Marketing,
  3. Pre-Event Logistics (eg- acquiring hardware, burning DVDs, etc…), and
  4. Day-Of-Event Logistics (eg- ordering food, herding cats, making sure doors are unlocked before people arrive)

Finally. We are going to start a Donation Leaderboard to track financial donations and labour contributions, so that you can gloat. If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard, your first step is to figure out who the treasurer is. Who knows, it may be you!

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